"Let the wind be upon your back,
and if there is sun let it shine on your face
Let the rains rip across your path,
providing swell to last all of your days"

What should we expect when we pray? This is something that has troubled me recently; I go into times of prayer and expect to meet with God. But I find that so often I limit the what God might want to do by expecting to meet or experience Him in only one way (the way that I want it). I end up asking questions like, what should I feel when I pray? How do others feel when they pray? Is there any particular physical feeling or experience of Holy closeness that comes with pray and times of meditation? I put these thoughts forward to my friend today, and what he said really hit me with a clarity that was so certain that it must have been from God. I asked him if he feels any kind of overwhelming presence when he goes into times of prayer of if he thinks that he should, or should we just press on regardless. He told me that he doesn't experience those feelings when he prayers, but (this was the bit that hit me) when he prays, he prays believing that God hears all prayers, that God answers prayer and that Gos is true to his promises. Immediately I knew that he had hit on something, whether he knew it or not I don't know. Believing these things is what it means to have faith in prayer, whether there is a feeling of the presence of God or not I still believe that He hears and answers my prayers and that He is a covenant keeping God who cares about me and is always close to me, that's a promise:

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

I went climbing today. The routes have changed down at the matrix and there are some pretty awesome challenges that test both my confidence and ability. Was gutted that the route changed before I managed to get that orange route down but there is a new purple one on the over hang that is flipping hard and hella scary at the final few holds. I tried it a few times and got to a point where I just couldn't commit to it. Up until this point I hadn't meditated or prayed about, as soon as I gave a thought to fact that it is through God that I will overcome the challenges and dangers my performance just improved, I pushed forward with determination and endurance. It is amazing what God can do through us when we let him. I'm confident now that next time I climb I will nail that route without fear but full in strength and with great confidence in God who moves through me.

This is going to be the largest test of my faith in the coming weeks. In September I am starting the Form course with my church, St Thomas Crookes. It is two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and I need to work for the remaining three weekdays. With such limited flexibility and availability getting employment seems pretty impossible at the moment. However, God provides.

Peace and Love

Song of the day:
We Are Yours - Charlie Hall

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